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Another variable.
clipped from www.iceagenow.com
73-year-old scientist asks, “Why does the IPCC ignore the
oceans? The top 2½ metres of all sea-water contain as much heat as the
total amount of heat in the atmosphere. Why has the topmost kilometre of
the oceans turned colder during the last five years? We don’t know.
Until we understand what is happening with the heat in the oceans, the
models which aim to predict the climate are totally useless…

“No, I’m not surprised about the fuss surrounding current climate
research… IPCC is run by an intimate clique of only a few dozen
people… a small clique that tolerates no contradiction, and equates
dissenters to Holocaust deniers.”

“I’m much more anxious about the cooling of the earth,” says Tennekes.
“The ultimate fate of this planet is a new ice age. If the main wheat
belts of the Northern hemisphere fail to produce their much needed
harvest, heaven knows how we will feed ourselves.”

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They keep coming
clipped from news.oneindia.in
, Feb 15: Under the public scanner for making erroneous prediction on climate change
, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has admitted its mistake for stating that 55 per cent of Netherlands is under sea level in its key report, while the region was only at risk of flooding.
Earlier in Feb, IPCC was asked by the Dutch government to explain the figure which indicates that only 26 percent of the country is below sea level.
In a note sent to a news agency, the IPCC admitted that the figure of 55 percent includes the area of Netherland which was actually at the ‘risks of being flooded’.
Admitting the mistake, IPCC said in the note that the 938-page Fourth Assessment Report should actually mean “either the area below the highest sea-level reached during storms, or the total area of the country that is prone to flooding from the sea and rivers.”

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